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"Mathematician Katie McDonald is the owner and curator of the Avondale Puzzle Museum in Granville, New Hampshire. When the new owner of the local newspaper begins to cause a panic by suggesting that a Boston serial killer is headed to Granville, Katie and police chief Brandon Mitchell try to quash the rumors. However, when an unpopular resident is found murdered, and Katie begins to receive messages from the killer in the form of Sudoku puzzles, she becomes immersed in the investigation. Her involvement deepens when Brandon is injured and can no longer lead the hunt for the killer. Assisted by Brandon’s 14-year-old ward, Harry, Katie solves the crime, with Brandon’s help in the final hour. In this third in a series, Katie begins to acknowledge her growing romantic feelings for Brandon, and the town’s residents begin to accept this outsider as a member of their community. Sudoku fans and readers of Parnell Hall’s Puzzle Lady mysteries will enjoy this series."
--Sue O'Brien, Booklist


"In SERIAL KILLER SUDOKU, the third book of the puzzle- based series, author Shelly Freydont offers a lively, fast paced mystery full of twists and turns, numbers and clues. Her main character, Kate McDonald, is a champion Sudoku (a number-based puzzle) solver is feisty and smart and eager to solve the latest puzzle or mystery that comes her way. Mystery lovers will enjoy this series, as well as puzzle admirers. Each chapter features a new Sudoku puzzle (and the answers are provided in the back!)."
--Sharon Galligar Chance, Fresh Fiction


"These books are clearly so very charming and the author has a way with words (and puzzles) that make them must-reads. Readers that enjoy a good murder mystery, or a cozy mystery will find these books so very entertaining. And, of course the Sudoku addicts out there have puzzles beginning every chapter to enjoy. Shelley Freydont is one of my favorites and I'm sure that she will soon be a favorite of many. For all mystery and puzzle lovers this is for you."
--Mary Lignor, A Romance Review


Five angels
"Serial Killer Sudoku is the third Katie McDonald mystery, and I love how the relationships in these books are developing and each story has an intriguing mystery. I have enjoyed all three books in this series so far and hope there are several more in the future. The characters in these books seem so real, you feel like they are your neighbors. Kate and Brandon are still dancing around their attraction for one another and teenager Harry has become a permanent fixture in both their lives. Although the town's people have been very reserved in accepting Brandon as the Police Chief, when he is injured many of the people come to his aide and defense as one of their own, and I was so thrilled for him. If you have read the previous two mysteries in this series, you do not want to miss this one! If you have not read a Katie McDonald mystery, I highly recommend you start with the first book! I can't wait for book four to be published; this is a series I look forward to each installment."
--Stephanie B., Fallen Angel Reviews


“ . . . this is a thoroughly enjoyable mystery perfect for the sudoku worker in your life."
--Mark Rose, Bookgasm


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