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". . . This is such a fun series. I'm not a Sudoku lover, but I love the setting, the characters, and the plots. The writing is so great that I just fly through each book. While I enjoy that, it means I'm soon waiting another year for the next book! I hope this is a series that goes on for years. Kate, Harry, Brandon, and Pru are such fun characters. Plus the other puzzle lovers and locals really round out the cast of characters.

I highly recommend this book and series. "
--Dawn Dowdle,


"This second book of the Katie McDonald Mystery series would make a great cable news obsession: A cheating scandal rocks the First Annual Avondale Sudoku Challenge at the puzzle museum Katie curates in her New Hampshire town. Then, it's followed by two murders. All this, plus real Sudoku puzzles!"
--BILLY HELLER, New York Post


"Katie McDonald, her assistant Harry, and a slew of town volunteers have worked hard to put together the First Annual Avondale Sudoku Challenge. The tournament is a fund raiser for the puzzle museum where Katie is curator. The response has been outstanding and the tournament stands to bring in a lot of revenue for the museum and the town. Then one of the contestants is murdered and the police chief, Brandon Mitchell, wants to stop the tournament. Katie needs the tournament to continue and convinces Brandon that continuing the tournament will keep all his suspects in one place. But does continuing also put other players at risk? Are Katie and Harry asking to be next by trying to solve the mystery too? Can Brandon keep everyone safe while he tries to figure out why the player was murdered?

Ms. Freydont has done it again and charmed Sudoku and mystery lovers with her second Katie McDonald mystery. Although I enjoy working Sudoku puzzles periodically I never thought about a Sudoku tournament; what fun! It was very interesting to read about how a Sudoku tournament is run and what it might be like to compete. I may have to spend more time working my Sudoku puzzles! In this story, Katie and her assistant Harry are once again trodding on the toes of the police chief as they pursue answers to the ultimate puzzle; who killed the Sudoku player. The Chief is not amused and can’t understand why Katie can’t just leave the murders alone and let him do his job. But as one of the characters in the book tried to explain to the stubborn chief, puzzle solvers can not resist any kind of puzzle including a murder mystery. And as sparks once again fly between Katie and Brandon, I can’t help but wonder if there is a potential romance in the works? Whether you like Sudoku or not this series is a fun, charming, cozy mystery series that any mystery lover will enjoy. I hope Ms. Freydont is working on book three because I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!"
--Stephanie B., Fallen Angels Reviews


"I was very happy last week to read the first in Ms. Freydont’s series. I am a puzzle lover, myself, and as I said in the first review – if you’re into Sudoku or solving puzzles, this is your kind of series. Our main character is Katie MacDonald, who is the owner and operator of the Puzzle Museum, left to her by her mentor P.T. Avondale. (Mr. Avondale was a very fun character introduced to us in the first book, The Sudoku Murder.)

Now, Katie has done a great deal of work since we last saw her. She is busting a gut to make the museum a success and, with that in mind, is sponsoring the First Annual Sudoku Challenge weekend in her small town of Granville, New Hampshire. Talk about a HUGE success. Not only that, a real mystery is added when one of the competitors is killed. Boy, when Katie puts together a puzzle challenge, she certainly covers all the bases.

Unfortunately, soon after the competitor has left the game – so does the prime suspect. Dead as the proverbial doornail. Katie and the police chief (who no one in Granville likes – although I find him absolutely charming) are trying their best to solve these mysteries and save the challenge competition – and, the museum – from falling apart. Under the watchful eye of Katie’s, Aunt Pru (again, a character who is a welcome addition to any book) it’s not easy for Katie and the chief to solve the crimes. You see, Aunt Pru never seems at all miffed about death in her town – only the fact that her niece is not married. And, old Aunt Pru does not like the police chief and the time he spends in her niece’s company.

Again, guys, puzzle lovers will adore this kooky little mystery, and the author is good enough to add Sudoku puzzles at the beginning of each chapter for readers to work out on their own. I recommend this book (and series) to puzzle enthusiasts and light mystery readers everywhere."
--Mary Lignor,


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