Independence Slay
Independence Slay
A Liv Montgomery Celebration Bay Mystery
Berkley Prime Crime
June 2014

On the Fourth of July, Old Glory is flying high in Celebration Bay—until someone raises a red flag…

With Independence Day fast approaching, Liv Montgomery is swamped coordinating one of the town’s biggest festivals. In addition to the traditional July 4th events, the town stages a spooky Revolutionary War reenactment that can’t be missed. Every year, the ghost of local war hero Henry Gallantine—played by his eccentric descendant of the same name—appears at the top of the family mansion, igniting the night’s revelries.

But Henry’s annual cameo goes awry after the ghost signals SOS instead of his traditional cue. When Liv rushes to the rescue, she finds Henry missing and a real dead body instead of a fake haunt. Now she will have to hunt down both a murderer and a missing person quickly before unwanted political fireworks ignite and someone else winds up as local history…



Silent Knife
Silent Knife
A Liv Montgomery Celebration Bay Mystery
Berkley Prime Crime
September 2013

Celebration Bay is full of yuletide cheer—
but it’s hard to remain festive when someone’s out to slay Santa.

Tis the season, but no one in Celebration Bay is feeling jolly. The local holiday store has been taken over by the new Trim A Tree store, know as TAT by the locals. Their products are lewd, crude and plastic, not at all in keeping with the town’s tasteful, traditional celebration. The manager, Grace Thornsby, is a bitter middle-aged woman who gives new meaning to the name “Grinch”. And worst of all, she’s hired her own Santa to compete with the town’s official and beloved Santa.

But not for long . . . . someone is determined to get the town back to it’s good old fashioned values if it kills him . . . or anyone who stands in his way.



Cold Turkey
Cold Turkey
A Liv Montgomery Celebration Bay Novella
Berkley Prime Crime
August 2013

Event coordinator Liv Montgomery is not only in charge of this year’s Turkey Trot in Celebration Bay, she’s participating as one of the runners. But not long after the marathon begins, gunshots are heard and a body is found in a remote section of woods. Did a local crank shoot the man for trespassing? Or is there a darker, more complex motive for plucking this runner before he crosses the finish line? Now it’s Liz’s turn to race to find the cold-blooded killer…





Foul Play at the Fair
Foul Play at the Fair
A Liv Montgomery Celebration Bay Mystery
Berkley Prime Crime
Sept 2012

New York City event planner Liv Montgomery is burned out, sick of the bridezillas, the mad men, the desperate housewives, the anything but sweet sixteens. So the job of event organizer in the small, rural town of Celebration Bay, sounds like a little piece of heaven.

With the success of the Harvest on the Bay Festival, life is sweet, all apple crisp and homemade jams, cider donuts and pumpkin pies. But things hit a sour note when an itinerant entertainer is found dead, pinioned by an antique apple press.

Motives pile up higher than a bushel of apples and Liv must navigate her way through a maze of secrets, lies and Yankee taciturnity to find the killer before the Harvest on the Bay Festival heads for Foul Play at the Fair.


"A delightful read that offers all the charm of a Norman Rockwell painting, but with
a much more colorful cast of characters than Norman could ever have imagined!"

Cynthia Baxter, author of The Reigning Cats & Dogs Mystery Series

An engaging heroine, clever plotting and a charming small town setting make this a terrific read.

Mary Kennedy, author of The Talk Radio Mysteries 



Beach Colors
Beach Colors
Shelley Freydont writing as Shelley Noble
William Morrow
June 2012

While Margaux Sullivan was presenting her highly praised M Atelier collection at New York City’s Fashion Week, her husband of thirteen years cleaned out their bank account and disappeared. A week later the bank foreclosed on her apartment and business. Suddenly broke, betrayed, and humiliated, Margaux returns home to the small, coastal town of Crescent Cove, CT, where she once knew love, joy and family, three things she’s lost on her climb to fame.

BEACH COLORS is a story about broken dreams and new beginnings and the power of love to transform what we might have been into what we can become.

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“Honest and deeply moving, BEACH COLORS proves that home is where the heart is.”

Lisa Verge Higgins, author of The Care and Maintenance of Friendship

"With broad brushstrokes Shelley Noble paints a beautiful, vivid picture of a small coastal town we wish we grew up in and tight-knit friends we wish we were part of. We're taken on Margaux Sullivan's journey of loss, healing, rediscovery of self, and love of a man and his boy. With Noble's words we see sunsets and sea grass, fashion and frustration, life, love and happily ever afters. I can't wait for her next book!"

Robin Kaye, author of  The Domestic Gods Series--Romeo, Romeo, Too Hot to Handle, Breakfast in Bed,  and Yours for the Taking 

"Shelley Noble's "Beach Colors" is a deft, graceful rendering of the journey home to love."

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Grace Burrowes




The Sudoku Mysteries (Katie McDonald Mysteries)

Serial Kiler sudoku

Serial Killer Sudoku

A Katie McDonald Mystery
September 2010
Running Press
ISBN 978-0-7624-3711-5

It’s just another day in Katie’s hometown of Granville, New Hampshire: she has plans to expand the Avondale Puzzle Museum, her aunt is still trying to set up her with every eligible “local” man in town, and her young protégé Harry is showing all the signs of becoming a hormonal teenager.

Just another day . . . until a body turns up in the alley behind Rayette’s Bakery. The body of the man featured in the latest newspaper expose; a body that clearly indicates murder, not suicide. A serial killer on the loose in Boston and recent reports indicate he’s working his way toward Granville.

The locals are still distrustful of the new Police Chief, Brandon Mitchell, and they want Katie to solve the case. Katie is determined not to get involved. Harry is becoming way too interested in the gory details and Chief Mitchell has warned her to stay out of it.

But the killer knows Katie and her talent with Sudoku puzzles and sends her clues that can only be revealed when she solves the puzzles.

A fatal mistake will prove that puzzles aren’t just fun and games.

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Sudden Death Sudoku


Sudden Death Sudoku

A Katie McDonald Mystery
September 2008
Running Press

It’s February in the small town of Granville, New Hampshire, and Katie McDonald, math geek and curator of the Avondale Puzzle Museum, is up to her ears in snow and the First Annual Avondale Sudoku Challenge. What began as a small event, geared toward regional Sudoku clubs and individuals, has grown to include competitors from up and down the East Coast.

When the Sudden Death Champion is found “suddenly” dead, Katie is forced to deal once again with chief of police Brandon Mitchell. He wants to close the fair for the rest of the weekend, but that would be disastrous for the museum. And besides, Katie thinks, all the suspects are already in one place.... How hard can this be to solve?

But only in a theoretcial way. Promising not to interfere, Katie and her right hand man, fourteen year old Harry Perkins, set about solving the murder and soon find themselves up to their snowbanks in trouble.

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The Sudoku Murder

A Katie McDonald Mystery

Professor P.T. Avondale is found murdered at his desk at the Avondale Puzzle Museum. Katie McDonald, master puzzle-solver, has returned home to save her childhood mentor’s museum from being auctioned off when she learns of the Professor’s death. Now she finds herself curator of the museum and in charge of the Professor’s newest mentee, a fourteen-year-old runaway. Katie is now faced with working to solve the puzzle of the Professor’s murder before a ruthless killer applies his own deadly solution.

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September 2008
Running Press
ISBN 978-0-7624-3492-3

The Sudoku Murder

April 2007
Carroll & Graf
ISBN 0-786-71977-X

The Sudoku Murder



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The Lindy Haggerty Mysteries

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A Merry Little Murder

A Lindy Haggerty Mystery #5
Kensington Books
October 2004 paperback
ISBN 0-7582-0127-3
October 2003 hard cover
ISBN 0-7582-0126-5

"... a whimsically charming amateur sleuth mystery filled with false trails and red herrings."
--Harriet Klausner

"Ms. Freydont has a real winner with this series. She has created terrific characters and always sets the book in an interesting setting."
--Dawn Dowdle, Mystery Lovers corner



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Halloween Murder

A Lindy Haggerty Mystery #4
Kensington Books
September 2003 paperback
ISBN 0-7582-0125-7
September 2002 hard cover
ISBN 0-7582-01249

"The juxtaposition of issues such as the proliferations of drug availability and what should be the innocent cozy atmosphere of a community Halloween celebration gives the story a unique outlook--a lot of fun, but also a frightening look into some harsh realities of modern life. A very impressive story, and a good read for any time of year."
--Sue Reider, Mystery Scene Midsummer Murder

" . . .a neatly turned, briskly paced, well-clued mystery . . ."
-- Kirkus



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Midsummer Murder

A Lindy Haggerty Mystery #3
Kensington Books
August 2002 paperback
ISBN 1-57566-730-4
August 2001 hardcover
ISBN 1-57566-674-X

"The mystery is intriguing, and Lindys likeable and believable personality adds charm to the story."
--Toby Bromberg, Romantic Times Book Reviews

"MIDSUMMER MURDER is a real puzzle because the main perpetrator is right in the reader's face, but difficult to see because the culprit still blends in with the rest of the forest of suspects."
--Harriet Klausner,



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High Seas Murder

A Lindy Haggerty Mystery #2
Kensington Books
August 2001 paperback
ISBN 1-57566-676-6
August 2000 hard cover
ISBN 1-57566-627-8

"Nearly every page reveals another romance gone sour or another long-cherished hatred, and Lindy knows all too well that love, jealousy, greed and revenge are the great recurring themes in the arts and also the motives for murder. Her creator knows well how to produce an entertaining mystery in the classic tradition."
-- Publishers weekly

"A successful and entertaining murder at sea."
--Library Journal



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Backstage Murder

A Lindy Haggerty Mystery #1
Kensington Books
August 2000 paperback
ISBN 1-57566-590-5
October 1999 hard cover
ISBN 1-57555-458-5

"Freydont tells a good story, keeps the reader guessing and sets the stage for a return engagement. "
--Publishers Weekly

" ... a pleasant behind-the-scenes look at the world of dance, accompanied by a diversity of dancers, conflicts of character, and a leavening of humor."
--Library Journal